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Following are some of the thank you notes that April and VERONICA have received from individuals who have had personal phone readings.


If you are wondering, individuals have personal telephone conversations with VERONICA from most countries in the world.  The countries that have the most conversations with VERONICA  in order are:









All others



"Dear April, Veronica and Allan!

From the depths of my being I wish to take this opportunity and thank you for allowing Veronica to speak to me through you.

Words cannot describe how much I felt loved and supported during our
conversation.  The words I heard brought me so much peace and relief and confirmed to me my belief that we are never alone.  I was so overwhelmed with joy afterwards that I cried.


Sending you blessings and love,





Dear April,


I had my sixth session with Veronica yesterday. I feel like I send the same thank you note each time—it’s hard not to. Because each time I have the most amazing experience, and I knew I would, that’s why I call. Every question is answered, and those answers rings true to the core of my being. It helps me get on track with what I know I want to do. The gentle guidance I received gave me concrete ways to begin. I would highly, highly recommend a reading with Veronica to anyone seeking.


So thank you again for your amazing gift that you share making Veronica available to offer assistance! I also was very excited to get an appointment with such short notice – so lovely. And thank you to Allen too, I feel like I know you all.


Many Blessings!


Terry Bowers

"Dear Allen, April, and Veronica,

Thank you for a wonderful reading today! As a professional therapist I was able to get the perfect guidance I needed, both for myself and my clients. I look forward to further readings as needed in the future.
Blessings and many thanks for all you do!

"Veronica, April & Allen:

I wanted to thank you all again for the amazing experience I had talking with Veronica last night.  It was the third conversation I had with her.   I would recommend that anyone who wants to feel loved, or perhaps doubt they are loved, should call to have a personal conversation with Veronica.   She truly communicates the deep love spirit has for each of us.  I got a meaningful answer to every single question I asked.  It is a beautiful gift and I am very grateful to April Crawford for making the conversation possible.
With love,

"Hi to April, Allen and Veronica,

I had my second reading with Veronica on Sept. 21 and found it as interesting and relevant as my first reading back in December!

The questions I came up with were of interest to me, but may have sounded very mundane.  However, the answers from Veronica were SO right-on, and so to the point, it felt as though I had known them in the deepest part of myself but could not put them into words.  When you ask Veronica a question you truly are given the "essence" in her reply.

I will be in touch for another reading.  I'm starting to get the hang of talking with Veronica and therefore my questions are starting to take on a deeper tone.  Can't wait to go the next lap!

Thanks to all of you for making this available.

Peace always,


"Hello Allen!
Thank you again!!!!  That was so amazing & I still have more questions formulating.  I will try for another chat very possibly towards the end of next month.  I have a glowing review for the website, though I see there are already so many glowing testamonials you hardly need it - but heck - I feel inspired so here goes:
In my journey I have read countless Seth/Jane books and I am also an avid student of Abraham-Hicks.  I believe without any doubt whatsoever that Veronica is most assuredly & 100% the genuine article.  It is as close as I can imagine speaking to Seth or Abraham one-on-one could be.  I am SO MUCH the richer for finally treating myself to this life affirming experience- what a treat it was!  So much fun!!!!
Thankyou so very much April, Allen, Veronica!!!



I had my second conversation with Veronica on Friday.  I want to thank you so much for making that conversation possible.  It was life changing and so, so uplifting.  You are blessed with a wonderful gift and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. 


Thank you again for making such a valuable conversation possible for me!




"What an amazing reading.  Recently, I've had a few readings done for me, but nothing like this.  Speaking with Veronica was pure, organic, and I felt a warm feeling of love.  This experience was truly different and exciting.  Writing down the words and comments given by Veronica allowed me to look deeper into myself.  I'm ready to make changes without fear and doubt and with the guidance of Veronica, I know that positive change is coming.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Warm regards,


"Hi Allen,

This is Annie. I had a reading with Veronica a couple weeks ago, and wanted another reading with Veronica. It was amazing, and I have been wanting another reading ever since.
I would like a 1 hour session.

Thank you,


"Dear Allen and April,

Thank you for allowing me to speak with Veronica...her answers were very meaningful to both my husband and I.

Blessings and love Christine "

Good Morning Allen:   Just a quick note of thanks to both yourself and April.....It was wonderful to connect with veronica......
Kindest regards, Ann"

"Hi Allan,

Please thank April for Hillary and myself, as she had a spectacular session with Veronica, it is what was needed at this time and so helpful to her.

Also, I was wondering whether it is agreeable to Veronica to have a session with her just out of curiosity.  I have no pressing needs, but would enjoy speaking with her personally about some things that I am curious about.

Thanks again,

Best regards and much appreciation to you both,


"Hi Allen,

I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic consultation I had with Veronica on (my) Saturday.  I'm amazed at how crystal clear 'they' were on my situation, it was very affirming and comforting. Please pass on a big 'Thank You' to April for doing this work.

"That was so GREAT! WOW! If only I had known how potent & powerful that would be I would have done it a LONG time ago! That was so helpful to me on so many levels words can't adequately express.... & I can't wait until my next opportunity to talk again. So much gratitude for you & April & Veronica....

Thankyou from the depths of me--- Thankyou!
Melissa "

"Dear Allen,

What I fabulous hour I spent with Veronica.  Thanks to all of you.



"Thanks Guys,

That was a wonderful experience.  I will be doing that again in a couple of weeks when I have better integrated the information from this session.

Thanks for making the connection possible.

Best wishes,  Stuart"

"Hi Allen

Thank you for working with me to find a time to chat.  It was very illuminating and (of course) left me with more questions.  I would like to schedule another reading for next week if possible.  Now that I know what a "reading" is like, I feel like I'm ready to get more specific.  Do you have any openings after 4pm California time next Monday?  If not, how about something Wednesday.

Thank you!


"Hi Allen,

Just a quick line or two to "Thank You!" for all of your thoughtful assistance in helping me schedule an appointment for myself and my step daughter Tricia  to experience an amazing "dual" reading this evening.WOW!

The reading with Veronica was spectacular.... and coupled with your cooperative spirit ...pertaining to our scheduling needs..... was phenomenal.

ThankYou! ThankYou! ThankYou!

Happy Holidays..... and more,



I feel so happy to have had this time to talk with Veronica!  She gave me some specific answers about questions I have had for a long while.

I will definitely contact you again for another session.




I truly enjoyed my reading with Veronica.  Having some very important questions addressed helped me to focus better on my life at the present.  Thank you...more than words can say...for the guidance received and knowledge gleaned from Veronica.  Will continue to view your site as part of my learning process.



Good Morning!

"We just wanted to say THANK YOU for such an amazing reading!  My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Veronica.  What she shared with us resonated totally. We are very excited to have some validation as well as new direction in our lives.  We will be setting up another reading in a couple of months.

Thank you again!


"Hello Alan!

I want to schedule an hour reading for my cousin Cameron Rogers.I had such wonderful sessions with April,and I think she could really help Cameron!


"Allen, April.

I want to thank you both for the reading and session with Veronica. I have been getting your emails for at least a year now and have found them fascinating helpful and really enjoyed the touch of spirit they have.

I found the session with the energies called veronica extremely helpful satisfying and filling. It appears to have opened a doorway for me to explore develop and use to make my life much more full filling enjoyable and of service to others.

It was exactly what i was looking for in terms of guidance a pointing of direction etc. I had the sense before hand it would provide that for me.  That is why i scheduled it.

I well be scheduling more sessions in the future. And would some day like to meet you both in person.

thanks again,


"Dear April, Veronica, and Allen,

I want to thank you three for a wonderful reading that I had today. It helped clear up a lot of questions I had about my purpose in life ( even though the answer surprised me some). Your work is very needed and I hope it always endures.

I wish you Love.    Barbara"


I want to thank you so much for the wonderful reading I had with Veronica on Saturday.  It was very, very helpful and exciting.  I feel very blessed to have had such a special opportunity.  You are very fortunate to be so gifted.  Thank you again.  I hope to talk to you again in the not too distant future.

Thank you also to Allen for making the arrangements.

Have a fabulous day!


"April/Veronica -

Hello!  I'm writing for two reasons.  I had a phone consultation with you a number of months back.  I wanted to say how genuinely beneficial it was then and continues to be.  I often ponder many issues from that conversation.  So thanks again it was very helpful.


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift. You are an awesome messenger my dear!



"Dear Allen,

Last year, I had a wonderful session with Veronica, and I am looking to book one for my mother for a birthday gift.

Thanks so much for your help.




Hello once again.  April/Veronica has helped my life path deeply and my husband and I would like a reading for one hour.  Please notify me when you have availability.   Look forward to hearing from you.


"Hi Allen,

Just wanted to touch base to say how very insightful and helpful my reading with Veronica was On December 9th.  It gave me much to think about and is enabling me to make connections from a different perspective.

I have never had a reading of this type.  I could not get hold of a tape recorder, so I was trying to take detailed notes by hand and still listen to everything Veronica was saying.  As a result, I was focused in on getting my "on paper" questions answered, keeping my wits about me and writing as fast as I could.  I also wasn't sure if I was allowed to interrupt "her" or just wait for a silent spot to interject.  I know when I have watched the small films you send through email, I have gotten annoyed a couple of times when the person having the reading has constantly interrupted when Veronica was speaking.  I didn't want to do the same thing.

Obviously, I will want another reading, as the first reading is raising more questions that I will want to have answers to, but I'm not sure of your protocol.  My question to you:  Is there a set amount of time that should elapse between one reading and a second reading?  [Answer: No, there is not set amount of time required between sessions. - Allen]

Thanks, Allen.  Happy Holidays to you and April.

Peace always,


"Dear April,

Please thank Veronica for the wonderful insights and helpful advice in my reading.  All the information was accurate and quite personal.  I feel like my own feelings were validated and supported in understanding the many challenges my life presents.  I would also like to thank you for being the channel from which this wonderful experience took place.  To have enough trust and openness to let this energy go and speak is quite a gift...through you to lucky us!

All the best,


"Dear Alan, April & Veronica,

Thank you so much for the wonderful and enlightening reading yesterday.  I always feel so good after a reading. More focused and directed.  I am very appreciative of the opportunity that you all provide.

Alan, there was a question I forgot to ask, but maybe you would know the answer to it anyway.  I train horses for a living, and often I've thought that I receive 'help and instruction' from past horse trainers on the other side.  Is that a possibility that individuals who are not at the moment incarnated are helping those of us who are? [ Yes- Allen]

Thank you and Happy Holidays,


"That was wonderful!  Thank you for the experience.  Will talk again soon!


"Dear Veronica, April and Allen,
I had a reading last week with Veronica/April. It has really helped to realize who I am and what I am here to do. I just want to thank you for the help I received. I am looking very much forward for another reading in the near future. "

All the best and love
"Allen -

I will be calling @ 12:15 California time tomorrow - I look so forward to talking with Veronica again - Our last encounter was life changing and I felt so loved -"

Blessings - Sue
"Hello there,
Just a short note to say Thank you ALL so very much !
I got so very much from the hour with Veronica, all my questions answered in a way that made sense to me and now I really feel I am moving forward with every thing just falling into place.........
April the work you do is just amazing.........There are no words to really express my gratitude......
Allen you are a very lucky man, but I am sure I don't need to tell you that !
& Veronica - what an absolute pleasure to share a moment with you .........
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!
I very much look forward to calling again, probably in a couple of months.........
Thank you again & wishing you all, all the love in the world........."
- Leona



 I want to thank you for a reading I received a few months ago.  Veronica told me many things which were very helpful.


However, one in particular has actually manifested in a small way at the moment.  She said I should do something with my singing voice.  I was blessed with an ear for music.  I have been singing most of my life and I am now 60.  I got up the courage to record a CD and although I am not interested in being in the Hollywood scene, I am bringing happiness to many people, which reflects back to me.  I don’t know where this will take me, but I know my dream of going into a recording studio and cutting a CD has come true, no matter how many people enjoy it, it was a real accomplishment and joy.  If you are interested, I will send you a copy of my CD.


Thank you again and I will keep you posted."  







"Hi Allen,
I had a reading with Veronica yesterday, and I just wanted to write to thank you as well as April, for making this possible. I have never before had the chance to speak to a personality no longer focused in the physical, and it was truly a magnificent experience--one that I will never forget. I have already told my friends and family about my experience, and plan on telling many more.
Thanks again for your help in setting this up. Please extend my thanks to April as well. She has an amazing gift.
I wish you both the best of luck with future endeavors."
"Just trying to say thanks for the reading from Veronica last week- as usual, she is incredible- - nothing but a big thank you."
"Dear April and Allen
Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to speak with Veronica, it made such a difference in supporting and guiding me to know that my future decisions and actions are done from a Soul level of wisdom and love, even in the most trying of circumstances.
I feel so blessed to have all of you in my life and thank you so much for your efforts to provide the apt for today. I am most grateful and appreciative of your support."
Kindest Regards.
"Allen - I would like to schedule another reading with Veronica - I am available on Wednesday in the morning -I live in Seattle so am in the same time zone - I look forward to the warmth of time together again - "

Blessings and Love - Sue
I have had readings with Veronica and found them to be most beneficial to my path. I have also purchased all the books available and watched all the you tube presentations April currently has available."
With gratitude,

“Hi Allen,


I wanted to thank you, April and of course Veronica for today’s call.  Very enjoyable.”






"Allen,  The experience I had with Veronica thru April yesterday was amazing - I felt such deep love coming to me that I found it difficult to end our conversion and I continue to have a sense of being held in a way that I am unable to put into words - The wisdom and detailed knowing and understanding about my person that came to me thru Veronica's voice has given me comfort that has changed my way of being in my life - I feel I have experienced the essence of pure love - WOW1

Allen, thank you for arranging this for me - You will hear from me again -"

With All MY Heart - Sue
"Dear Allen, April and Veronica,

Thank you for my lovely session.  I thoroughly enjoyed the warmth and wisdon that Veronica offered me. I hope in the fall I will be able to book a session again. I am very grateful to all of you for the work you do that supports spiritual growth and empowerment.  I am certain many individuals are enormously benefited.

Many Blessings, Julie

"Hello Allen - I just wanted to send along thanks for another very good reading with Veronica (last Wednesday).  Thanks to you both again for doing what you do!!"

Best wishes,
"Dear Allen,
I just wanted to thank April for the reading last week.  It was amazing and I cant wait to do it again!"

-- Liz
"Dear Allen, April and Veronica,

I’m in awe. The motivation and inspiration is flowing rapidly through my veins. I’d love to book another session. I just feel I can go a little bit further with her/them with one more hour. It was INCREDIBLE!!!

April, thank you so so so much for doing this work! You are an angel."



"Dear Allen, April and Veronica,
First and foremost I would like to thank you for my reading this past Monday evening.  WOW.  Veronica shed more insight on myself and my relations with people both past and present.  April I cannot thank you enough for sharing this amazing gift with us (the public).  I will & have taken to heart what Veronica has told me & plan on making the necessary changes I need to fully embrace my gift & open it up more."
Best wishes & love to you.
"Hi Allen,

That reading was the best experience of my life!!!!!  Thank You, Thank April and THANK VERONICA!  This is something that I will remember for the rest of my life."

Take care,
"Hi Allen,
I would like to schedule a reading with Veronica. I listened to my husband's  reading, Awesome !!! He is so happy, He absolutely loves her!"
Thank you :-}
"Hi Allen,
I just wanted to send a note of deep thanks to you, and April and Veronica.
My experience with Veronica was so comforting and encouraging.
Can't thank all of you enough --"
"Dear April, Allen and Veronica,
Thank you so much for yesterday's reading. I am already stronger, shifted my energy to the positive and will continue to strengthen my self esteem and in return, my children's self esteem will be better as well. Thank you for the newsletter that has helped me through many a day."
With great graditude and appreciation,
"Dear Allen and April

Thank you so much for doing what you do so well!!!.
My reading was so incredibly helpful and profound. Each time we speak it just gets better and more revealing. I can't tell you just how much this has helped me, my family our future stability and happiness. I had always wondered why certain mysterious things happen to me and the relief of why is fantastic to understand at last.

Much Love and Gratitude for you and your work."



"Because of a past business I have had the opportunity to see and hear most all of the well known or "famous" channels today. I can say that on a one on one basis, Veronica has been the most helpful to me.


 She has given me great insight into a ten year health issue I have been experiencing. I have been to many physicians, mainstream and alternative, who did not seem to have a clue as to what was going on in my body. Now, thanks to Veronica's help I have a greater understanding and I am much more at peace about it.


 Plus the information she has given me about my past lives and how these relate to this life now has given me great insight and help with this life now.


 She has answered mysteries about my life I have wondered about for years.

   I would strongly recommend Veronica's help on any personal issue in your life."


                    --Joe Brown (full name used with permission)




"What Veronica just told me, it's really amazing, and wonderful.

Thank you so much,"





"Hi, I wanted to let you know that the reading I received from Veronica last week was completely on target, and absolutely incredible. She affirmed many things I had wondered about and yet gave me a different perspective on things that I have been struggling with, different ways to look at situations. This has already helped me. And what she said about my spirit guide, and a place where I once lived in another life ( & this place has always drawn & fascinated me tho' I have never been there), rather blew me away, as they say..yet I immediately connected with what she said. Altogether, I am writing to thank you and will glady ask for this service again should I need it. truly, a gift!"


-- Nora




"Hi Allen,
I just wanted to tell you that my session with VERONICA was amazing! She was everything I had hoped for and so much more. She was extremely accurate and very helpful. I definitely look forward to speaking with her again in another session very soon!
Thanks again and I will be in touch."



"Hello Allen

I am so grateful to have spoken with April/Veronica.  I had no idea they were so amazing. They made me feel at ease with their patience and caring.  I feel a shift inside myself and know I can alter and change my life to whatever I desire.
Thank you very much,"

"It has been for me about a year since I received my reading with VERONICA.  At that time, I remember feeling tentative...reluctant...even a bit secretive (that sounds so weird to say now!) but definetly concerned about how direct the entity can be.  I explored ALL of your website videos and audio files and periodically still go to the YouTube files for viewing.  I did this before requesting a session and I was a bit concerned about how direct she is.  But afterwards I felt so supported and nurtured and strengthened by her words and intonations that I know only came forth because of your extraordinary capacity for surrender and your deep love of SPIRIT.
Warmest regards and deep gratitude,"





"Dear Allen,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, April and Veronica.  The conversation was very insightful, and as you mentioned, like talking to an old friend.  Veronica told me some things I really had been needing to hear! 
Will contact you again in the future for another reading.





"First- thank you for being available - I am still in a bit of a daze from even just a half hour of speaking with April( Veronica). I will definitely want to do more with her( them)after I integrate some of the information she gave me...  (And yes- I am going to pay attention everyday as often as I can to what I am feeling)

A marvelous, insightful, delightful experience. I look forward to more.

Hugs to all,"







I wanted to THANK you for this SO eye opening opportunity.

I am going to do this again...

Again, I am VERY grateful for the service, so much so that words fail me. But I know you got it.




"Hello Allen,

I write to Thank you for arranging this session with April and Veronica.  

The information given helps enormously in understanding my present situation, particularly with regard to my work and decisions of the choices I have at this time. My specific questions were very clearly answered and definite guidance given in support of my uncertainties. 

This work is invaluable to so many.

In gratitude

Kindest regards"



"Hi Allen,

I just wanted to thank Veronica, April and you for the fantastic reading I had yesterday. It was extremely helpful, and really confirmed my own intuitions about several things, but with much added information. It was a great experience!"



"Allen - I want to thank you for letting me get through to Veronica.  She was very insightful.  Her encouragement on areas in my life that need additional attention was very helpful too.  If it is allowed, I would like to set up another talk with her maybe in a couple of months to let her know of the progress I have made with her advice.  I can tell you my attitude has changed 110% in a positive direction.  Thank you again."







"Dear April and Allen


Thank you from my heart for the amazing session with Veronica.  It was better than anything I had expected.


 I apologize for sounding like a dork at the beginning Allen!


I don't know if it's appropriate to share with you the information I've received, however I am so excited about it, and don't have anyone in this (linear) life to share with.  Veronica expressed that my spiritual guide was a collection of refined and ancient energies known as Thaddeus.  He is a predominantly male entity and was instrumental in early religious teachings.  He had many incarnations in the ancient world, not many in the modern.  Apparently he likes to hang out with me, and enjoys our exchanges - which brought tears to my eyes, and gratitude.  A very interesting fact was that when I searched Thaddeus and Ancient online, there was a link to St. Jude Thaddeus, a cousin of Jesus, and was instrumental in the early church.  I am Catholic and find this fascinating!


Veronica was also very "down to earth" with advice about steps I need to take financially and health wise to reach a point of clarity with my intention in this lifetime.  My intention is to interact with the spiritual world in order to carry out profound ideas.  This has rung true for me on the deepest levels, as I've tried to reach out to the spirit world since my childhood.


Thank you, thank you again.

warm regards,"





"...remarkable insights since my chat with Veronica last night.  It was wonderful getting validation on things that I already knew, on some levels, to be true.  I would like to have an ongoing dialogue, perhaps once a month or so, with Veronica and spirit guides -- whomever chooses to use April as the channel to come through, as a student looking to master teachers(entities) to be taught.  Would this be a possibility?         A phenomenal experience!  Please convey my thanks to Veronica and to April, and thank you, Allen, for facilitating this. Namaste,"



"Dear Allen and April (and your support people),

Thank you so much for allowing Veronica to talk to me today.

It was a very joyful, affirming reading for me. I'm so grateful that you made this possible at this time.

I'm sure I will be back another time if the opportunity still exists.

By the way, that chocolate is good for you, you know.






"Hi Allen,

Just like to say what a wonderful experience it was last night, I could have gone on for hours, the insights I received have given me a completely new perspective on my current situation so I will definitely like to have
another reading in the near future.

In the meantime does April accept donations? I would really love to make one.

Thanks again for this amazing service.

Best Wishes"





"Dear Veronica,


     I recently had a half hour session with you which was so amazing .


I write down everything that I could remember, but most of it is in my heart where it belongs, it is just nice to dwell on word for word. What I need to express and at the same time ask you is this. Do we know each-other? I had the most profound experience, so much so that as we ended our telephone conversation love poured from my entire being into yours. An exchange or sharing or a coming together, in this blissful state of which is beyond the the human experience, because when I experience it all I can do is cry. The memory of it also makes this happen. My greatest desire or wanting for my adult life has always been to perfect love in my love the unloveable..etcetera,,etcetera.


Also what I am wanting is to be able to have a session in person if possible. I have read your group sessions and wonder if this may also be possible but I am very personal and wonder i f a private session is possible before you no longer give readings over the phone due to touring or anything of that type.


                     --Amy --




"Hello Allen & April,
Thank you so much for the reading I had on Tuesday.  It was my first reading of any kind and I was surprised and amazed at everything I learned/experienced.


 I also picked up your book, "Parting Notes" A Connection With The Afterlife  yesterday and began reading.  I learned that you are married.  What an awesome team!  : )  Thanks again for making my first reading possible, and also for your book which I'm already enjoying.

I pray that you will continue to help others in the loving way that you have helped me.

Thanks again!"





"Allen and April,

I wanted to, first, THANK YOU, for the thought provoking reading I had with April/Veronica several weeks ago. I gained much clarity and insight into my life and those around me. So much as transpired since then!  It would take hours to explain. However, an idea/vision keeps evolving in my head, concerning both of you. Have you ever considered traveling and offering day long “seminars”, similar to what Abraham/Hicks does? I attended one of their seminars when they were in the Tampa Bay area last November and it was quite wonderful. I see you doing that. I would like to help you both if you are interested in doing this. I have many contacts and the ability to “get the word out”.  I would love the opportunity to discuss this at length if it is of interest to both of you. "







"Hello Everyone There:

I am Grateful to everyone for your assistance is helping me with my reading with VERONICA today. How incredible and enlightening this experience was for me. Special Thanks to April Crawford for your channeling work. Your are truly a dear soul!


I have the clarity I was seeking in my near future. Thank You.

God Bless You All."


                    Love & Joy,





"Dear April and Allen and the Universe and all who channel through you. 


I thank you so much for the wonderful service/gifts that you share.  My experience was moving and insightful and profound and humbling and enlightening and reassuring.


It was what I expected or hoped for, I should say --- but even more than one could truly imagine.  It was divine and divine guidance and given with such love, very gently.  It was an honor, which I conveyed and they returned the sentiment by saying it was an honor, as well.


It is wonderful to experience tears of joy while hearing the truth of the past, present, and future by those who care and watch over you and your progress and truly wish you the best possible experience for growth and development of the soul.


Thank you again.  I truly appreciate the valuable information that was shared with me so freely --- it was just incredible and amazing and uplifting.


My best to you.  I look forward to the information that you share that I receive via your emails and will be contacting you again for another reading."


                    Warmest regards,






"Hello April and Allen,


I just finished a discussion with Veronica and I wanted to say that I am filled with so much positive energy right now.


She knew me very well and what Veronica said resonated within my soul.  I am so inspired and I want to thank Veronica for her insight and advise.


In addition, I would foremost like to thank April for offering the service that she does. It is indeed a blessing to know of her and to speak to her! "


                    My Deepest Appreciation,





"Thanks Allen (and April).  I really enjoyed speaking with Veronica and will call again to talk to her perhaps next month.  Take care and have a wonderful week."



"Dear April and Allen.

 First of all I would like to thank you both for your various roles in facilitating these life changing conversations with Veronica.


They have made a profound difference to my life. Thank you so much for your contribution.

I am so appreciative and grateful towards you for dedicating your lives to being of such service. It is such an invaluable and profound contribution that you offer and I feel so fortunate to have you be such a significant part of my own evolution and expansion of light consciousness. Thank you so much.


May you both be blessed this Christmas and always, and wishing you every happiness for Christmas - may 2008 bring joy, laughter and brightness to your lives.

With lots of light and love."






"Dear Veronica


Thank you so much for your support, love, wisdom and guidance during this transformational journey of the Soul's evolution. I am forever grateful and appreciative of the gift of your light and for facilitating the realization of the source of which I came from, the understanding of the purpose of this particular incarnation and the expression of this purpose in a profoundly meaningful, joyful and significant expression within this lifetime. From one Spirit to another. Namaste. "






I cannot thank you with enough words of gratitude…for confirming my connection with my husband who has crossed, and my path and purpose. 


Thank you…thank you………..thank you!"


                    Blessings to you,



Thank you Allen!




"Hi Allen

Really can't thank you and April enough for that wonderful opportunity this morning.  As I told you I have had a few sessions with Kris of the Kris Chronicles and Elias who are both wonderful entities and have helped me enormously but Veronica is amazing.


 I had an idea that a feminine perspective on my relationship issues was what I needed and I was right!  She was able to fill in so many gaps for me and was very validating.

Again thank you to both you and April.

I am spreading the word to all my friends!"

                    Warm Regards




"Hi Allen, Just a quick note to thank April for being present for Veronica, as usual the reading was most informative, useful, and encouraging.


I appreciate you guys and your making this service available, at this point and age in my life there isn't many places left for advice, I appreciate the love and wisdom that is so readily accessible, I am very grateful and of course will be back again."


 Sincerely, Sam 




  "I’ve just finished the call with Veronica, and I’m still overwhelmed and a little weepy (a good weepy).


She said it was because I was welcoming an old friend who I dearly loved and it was me, and she was so right.  I would like to speak with her again and will contact you in a couple of days after I’ve had time to get it all straight in my mind.


What a miracle being able to speak with a consciousness that is so knowledgeable, personable and sensitive.  I think that must be the most significant event I’ve ever had, not including the birth of my two boys, which I also consider to be an absolute miracle.  Thank you and Thank April and thank Veronica so very much."


                   --  Heather 




"Hi Allen


Could I have an hour session instead?


I would just like to say that the last reading with Veronica made a big difference to me. My mother is ill with dementia and speaking to Veronica has made me much less worried about her than I had been for the last few years, as I saw that this is an experience my mother has chosen to have at a soul level. It's made a significant difference to my life.


Another thing that Veronica talked to me about - my job - has also improved a lot. What Veronica spoke about and a couple of other things I read, made me realise how I could make changes in myself to enjoy being at work much more, which I do now!


However, I still have questions on this and other things in my life. I am looking forward to speaking to Veronica again. Thanks for this service!"






"Dear Allen

Please tell April thank you for her time.  I do appreciate it.  The reading was wonderful and I would like to book a full hour."


---- Roberta




"Hi Allen


            I really enjoyed the session.  I look forward to scheduling another, perhaps in a month or so?"








"Dear Veronica/ April

Just wanted to express my thanks for the information and direction I received during my session.  It's been very helpful."






"Hi Allen & April I would just like to say thank you so much both of you and of course to the Light Beings.


I find it so exciting to speak with the Consciousness that April channels.


I will send an email when it's time to speak to them again."


                    Thank you Rose




"Hello:  I benefited greatly from an August '07 reading and I would like to schedule another one hour reading.  I am in Delaware, USA so it would be EST my time.
  Please advise what times you have available.  I am very flexible."

                    Thank you,  Margaret 




"Hi Allen -  I really enjoyed my reading once again and want to thank you, April and of course Veronica.  Beside the fact that it's just so fascinating, she is really clarifying/answering some important questions for me.

Thanks again."





Just a quick email to say that I found the reading with Veronica last Thursday 28th at 12 noon very helpful and enjoyable. 
Please pass on my thanks to April."
                    Best wishes,




"Hi my friend Nancy had a reading and was just blown away. Could I have a reading for tomorrow booked please let me know thanks you "



"Hello Allen and April,

Thank you for the reading on Monday. It gave me lots to think about and I really enjoyed it.  I would like to follow up with another one in a month or so. I'll contact you in advance to schedule another appointment.

I recommended you to my friend Mandy and you really helped her get some direction and a deeper understanding of things going on in her life."

                    Thank you,



"I thank you for the opportunity to experience "Veronica" and would also like to thank April Crawford for the giving of herself for such an opportunity.


I felt safe, not threatened in any way, and Veronica was very helpful especially considering I wasn't sure what I needed to know. I also thank Veronica.


The number I needed to dial from my telephone (in Australia) was: 0011-1-818-353-2194.  Hope this is of help Allen."


                    Thank you all again.






"Dear April and Allen,

Since neither of you was "present" for the reading, I wanted to send this e-mail to thank you both very much for facilitating what for me  was a truly wonderful and profound reading, full of inspiration and 
encouragement, some fascinating and helpful interpretation of recent  events, and some very specific suggestions coming from "the energies 
around me" who apparently very much wanted to communicate something to me through Veronica (and April).

So it was great fun, as well as wonderful guidance.  My sincere  thanks for making it all possible!

May both of you be well and happy and playful :-)"





"Thank you.....Lauren was deeply moved and felt the absolute truth of what Veronica said to her. I think the reading will help her to take the big step in her life that she has been wanting to take for awhile.

Thank you so much."





"Thank you so much for my read today. It helped my so much.

I feel like I have more light where I needed it."





"Thank you very much for your reading ,it was very helpful  All my
questions have been answered .thank you Veronica, April, Allen for all your
i feel honored to be able to have this kind of experience in my life.

                                           best regards,"

 -- Catherine



"Dear Ms. Crawford,

"I would like to schedule a reading with you this week if possible.  I  spoke with you last August and found the information to be helpful and comforting with clear guidance.  Please advise me of your schedule. "






"Dear Allen,


I had my reading with Veronica and am very pleased.


I have introduced a friend to April/Veronica website and she would like to book a reading. 


 She will be using my computer. .Reading for 1 hour. "




"Dear Allen,


Please let April know how much I appreciate her giving up her time here on earth so the entity can come in.  The healing and growth that takes place is greatly appreciated.  May the Universe Bless you all with good health."






"Thank you Allen.  I loved talking with VERONICA and felt honored to be doing so.  I look forward to future conversations."


-- Susan




"Thank you so much for the wonderful service/gifts that you share.  My experience was moving and insightful and profound and humbling and enlightening and reassuring.  It was what I expected or hoped for, I should say --- but even more than one could truly imagine.  It was divine and divine guidance and given with such love, very gently.  It was an honor, which I conveyed and they returned the sentiment by saying it was an honor, as well.  It is wonderful to experience tears of joy while hearing the truth of the past, present, and future by those who care and watch over you and your progress and truly wish you the best possible experience for growth and development of the soul.

Thank you again.  I truly appreciate the valuable information that was shared with me so freely --- it was just incredible and amazing and uplifting.
My best to you.  I look forward to the information that you share that I receive via your emails and will be contacting you again for another reading.
Warmest regards,"


Thank-you so much for your organization with this reading this evening!



Many, many thanks for the sharing of your gift! What a beautiful thing to share with us "linears" on this planet, a blessed healing source you are indeed!



Your words touched the deep ache in my heart today...may you know great peace and love on whatever level you exist, and may you remain with us "linears"...always,


Till next time...Much Love to all of you,"


Mary Annette






Thank you again for helping me set my reading up with April/Veronica.  I feel a great pressure lifted off of me.  Veronica helped me to see what I knew to be true with great clarity.  I would love to visit again.


Best regards,"







Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Veronica for the reading today. I found that everything that you spoke to me resonated deeply. I found myself knowing "truth" when you spoke to the reasons why I feel conflict here in the Midwest and why I feel like a visitor and never at home.  I received clarity and wisdom which is what I always pray for and seek. I found it amazing that I recognized everything that you addressed with me as knowledge that was already in me but you gave me permission to own it and not question it. I now am very clear about 2012, my soulmate, my geographical location, and the reason I feel the way I do about where I live. Thank you for putting me on a "mission" to get out of a mis-matched energy location yet holding me to the responsibilities to my children and their spiritual development while still here in the Midwest. I feel a deep connection to you and for that brief hour I wasn't lonely. I cried after our session. With joy.

I will speak to you again. I must.

Thanks again,"






"Hello Allen,

I really enjoyed my reading and would like to schedule another 1/2 hour reading.

Please let me know what times are available..."






"Hello there Allen

I am enquiring for a reading as soon as is possible. I had a reading about 7 months ago which was incredible and thought I wouldn’t want another as I felt so full. Things are great its not like I am in trouble or anything so stike me off the crisis list. Just feel a great urge to talk.
Many thanks for your responding
Love Michelle 
I am in England"


"Dear Allen, April, and Veronika,
"Thank you with all my heart... I have made quite a shift in my understanding of my true nature and purpose, and I cannot thank you enough, because now I can move forward without hesitation and enjoy the wonders of physical manifestations of Spirit. Until we meet again,"
"Hi Allen

My first session with Veronica was very useful for me. I have developed a bit further now and have more questions for her. So, I would like to book another half hour session with her.

Many Thanks"

"Hi Allen,
It's Libby again, please let me know when April has another session opening, I enjoyed speaking with VERONICA so much and have so many more questions for her, she helped me beyond measure and now I feel I can talk to her more in depth about my "linear drama's" since she has given me more clarity. 
Please let me know when she has an hour session opening.

"Dear Allen,
Please pass along my deepest gratitude to April for being an incredible channel, I appreciate her time & energy and to Veronica for taking the time to counsel with her profound wisdom through April.
My reading today just blew me say the least. I feel so very blessed. I am deeply moved and sort of speechless by my whole conversation with Veronica.  She is incredibly wise, encouraging, kind, easy to talk to & helpful.  I feel SO lucky to have had such a profound experience.  I feel that the information she gave me about my current life and how it is affected by my past lives will now change my life she has helped me see things in a whole new way.  Now so many things make sense!!!Wow!!  I have a whole NEW perspective!!!!! 
Everyone needs a reading with Veronica, this world would be a much better place!!!
Thanks again, although "thanks" doesn't seem like enough...
I send my sincere love, blessings & heartfelt gratitude to You, April & Veronica."

"Hello Allen,
I just wanted to thank you and April for the opportunity to speak with VERONICA once again.
I really enjoy talking with her and find her to be so incredibly accurate and soothing on the many issues we discuss. Thank you for your work and the time and energy you both put forth to make VERONICA accessible to others! 
I would definitely like to continue having readings with VERONICA at least once a month if not bi-monthly.
I will be in touch soon to schedule another appointment.
Thanks again!
"Thank you Allen, I really appreciate your having made this very rewarding appointment with April yesterday possible! 
-- Susan
"Hi Allen,
The reading went very well yesterday. We are quite happy with the info we received.
It was an eye opening experience. We were totally at a loss as to how to handle this
situation. Veronica gave some insights from a soul perspective where the problem is coming from.
Hopefully we use this info to better deal with the situation...
Thanks for your help"


"Hi Allen - -

Thank you for all your help.  April/Veronica was just fantastic and right on target.  It is wonderful this can be done from the comfort of my home without having to travel miles and miles to reach whoever.  Thanks again."




"I am mostly appreciative for your advice, time and reminders. I already feel re-charged!


Thank you,"




"Dear Allen,

I want to thank you again for facilitating my session with April. And I'd appreciate it if you'd pass along my warmest thanks to April. It was amazing, uplifting, and really enlightening.

My best to you and yours,"



"Thanks very much for the wonderful experience. I will be looking forward to call again when I am in need of guidance.
 Thanks very much"     -- Filomena

“Dear Allen,

Talking to Veronica was truly a rewarding experience.
I wanted to thank you and April for the opportunity.

Warm regards,”



"Dear Allen & April,

Thank you both for a truly wonderful experience. I received exactly what I was looking for and came away feeling energized and expansive.

And to you April, a special thanks for being who you are. You make a difference.




 "I am really looking forward to my session, especially since I know how wonderful an experience it is from my first session!"



"Dear April,Veronica, T and everyone else!
I had such a wonderful reading with Veronica last month that has shifted so many things in my life. The wonderful part of receiving these Inner Whisper newsletters is they bring great gifts. I've been trying to help 3 sisters come back together- and they have the "BIG DRAMA" playing out between them..( and seem to try and engage me as well) so reading what T said was about drama was as perfect a response as I could read. I knew when I opened this email there would be something for me. Blessings and thank you! I look forward to doing another reading with April sometime soon."

-- Sharon


"THANK YOU, SO MUCH, FOR THE DEEP CONNECTION, for confirming a truthI perceived, and without the need to give predictions, just needed that confirmation. Through
your words I received a wonderful sense of peace, and reassurance.  I really feel understood now, on a
soul level, like talking with my mom."





"Hi Allen, It was nice to meet you!

Please tell Veronica I really enjoyed their reading!"

"Dear Allen and April,
Thank you both and Veronica for the reading yesterday. I got help and a perspective I didn't expect. 
It was very kind that you scheduled me very quickly; I really needed that."

Love to you both.

"Hi Allen,
I would like to request a 1/2 hour reading with April/Veronica.  I had a 1 hour reading in the past and of course it blew my mind and was extremely helpful.  I am retired now so I am available for the reading anytime.    Isn't it funny how things just "come" to us?  I never signed up for Inner Whispers.  It just popped up on my e-mail one day.  I no longer question good things like this happening."
  Thank you.
Just wanted to send a note of thanks. The reading went well and was very helpful."
Thanks again.
"Dear Allen, 

I enjoyed talking with ''VERONICA'' and appreciate what they do.

many thanks."


“Hi Allen,
That was SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! That felt like what would have been 10 yrs worth of therapy done in 1 hour -haha! Thankyou!  There was one question I forgot to ask so I was wondering if it would be possible to schedule a half hour on the evening of the 20th @ 8 again?
 Many Thanks :)
 “Thank you for facilitating these phone calls with Veronica! These calls have been really helpful, insightful, and fun for me. :)

"April is our Edgar Casey. I wish I could afford more for the valuable educational experience she delivers and Alan is nothing less than a true professional respecting ones privacy as if it were his own. If you have any doubts, book a session with Veronica and you will be recommending her/them to everyone you know.  I met Veronica via a telephone interview from three thousand "linear" miles away. I am a trained scientist with multiple degrees and was very careful about what I offered for the sake of pure skepticism. She convinced me in every way. Things no one could have possibly known were revealed by her in the rawest form without judgment. She (they) had a way of offering an alternate perception to my situation which was not condescending but more direct with a hint of sarcasm” . 
“Allen, April and the Many, Just wanted to say thank you for the great work you guys are doing. The process was easy and efficient. Veronica was able to tap into my energy quite easily. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I shared the information with my wife and she agreed with everything Veronica said. It's good to know there is validation for all the seekers out there, or out here. We are not as crazy as the world would have us believe.
Take care and may the path be with you.

Dear Allen,
              Please give April a big hug for me in gratitude for allowing me to talk to Veronica. If possible I would also like to hug Veronica as she said she missed the feeling of touch but not sure if Allen would feel comfortable hugging Veronica while channeling through!!!!!
 I am truly humbled by this experience...and have been forever changed by it. Now I can enjoy the experiences of life that I have chosen without always the drama.We see ourselves only as past experiences and how others have seen us...and  I now know that  I am more then just that.
Deeply grateful,
“Hello again!  I would like to schedule a 30 minute reading with Veronica/April.. I have had 2 readings within the last 9 months or so, and have found them to be so amazingly helpful.  I've been digesting the information since then and would like to do this again!



“Allen & April, I had a 30 minute session with Veronica this past Saturday.I want to tell you both thank you for what you are doing.My son passed away in December of 2009.  He was only 20.  It has been a difficult time, as I'm sure you can imagine.I was already doing some spiritual searching for myself, before he passed away, but since that time, I've spoken with numerous psychics & mediums; but April is the first Channel I've ever called.  (It is very interesting to me, by the way, how DIFFERENT each person's readings are - how each of them gets their information & relays the information on to me in such a variety of styles...very, very interesting!!)...Anyway, a friend of mine who received Inner Whispers started sending it on to me.  So, I began reading it & watching each session that Veronica came through in, that were available in the newsletter...and decided to have a session with her. I am SO VERY appreciative.You know, I'm a very spiritual being.  I am clairsentient....I have always been, but didn't really realize that everyone wasn't....and then about 5 years ago, got about a million times stronger???  (I'm 38 years old, now)....BUT, when my emotions get entangled with what I'm feeling around me, it all sometimes becomes a jumbled up mess.  Overwhelming, to say the least.  I'm just not developed enough with my gift, yet to discern and sort it all out....And it gets VERY, VERY confusing to me at times.My reading with Veronica helped me ALOT!  She is so very relaxed, calm, comfortable & confident.  She gave me a feeling of serenity and an overall feeling of trust (just her being, did), and I am going to take her advise & use it. I just wanted you to know that I commend you for using your gift to help others like myself.  People like me, who know they are different & don't have their gift developed, yet, just can't go down to the local psychologist & say "what's wrong with me - help me fix it"....or, they give you advise & it "just doesn't "feel" right" and so you don't listen, anyway....OR, I would end up telling the psychologist how SHE was feeling & be deemed a freak....LOL... Anyway, I am so very appreciative that you do what you do.  I have many people I would like to bring to you.  I'm going to try to get them to come into a session with me.  I think Veronica will be able to help one gentleman, in particular, to bring some peace to his existence on this plane....He lost his wife 28 years ago & is still just overwhelmed with grief & guilt....SO VERY SAD!!  I think if he knew she was ok & that she released him from their earthly commitment to one another - so that he was free to love again without guilt - it would make a profound difference in his quality of life on this earth. Thank You Both!!...And I hope to be communicating with you again real soon!!Have a great day!!!



   “Hi Allen & April This isn't to book a further consultation yet - but I will be very soon. I received a half hour consultation with you about 3 weeks ago and ever since then my life has really "taken off" with such a new depth of meaning and purpose. That half hour consulation has stayed with me every day - giving me new insight and understanding and with that has come new strength of purpose - Soul Purpose. From the very depth of my Soul I wish to say "thank you" - your work has tremendous meaning and reaches hearts and minds in the most beautiful way possible.

 THANK YOU. Much Light, Love & Joy

Liz - Scotland UK”

 “Hi Allen, April & Veronica This is just a little "thank you" for providing me with such wonder and fulfillment tonight - speaking with Veronica has opened my eyes - in a way I hadn't expected - but am thrilled and happy with.  Once I've "absorbed" it all I'll be implementing what has been said tonight - it has been a really empowering experience..... THANK YOU - it seems a small word in exchange for what you have given me - but it has much depth and meaning.
 Liz - Scotland UK” 
 “Thanks for the opportunity today. It was enlightening and I hope to be able to talk to Veronica again.

“Hello,I’ve had two sessions w Veronica. ...She has a  benevolence that is powerful and maternal.  She has helped broaden and deepen my sense of reality. I will never b the same and I like it!  Thank u for your fine service, I look forward to sessioning with Veronica again at the appropriate time.
  “Hi Allen,I really enjoyed the conversation with Veronica via April. Please convey mysincere thanks to her. I was rather nervous in the beginning but I am impressedwith her responses to my concerns.  Thank you,Clarence”  “Thank you to Veronica and April and also Allen for being there.I learned so much through this.You are all such gifts to humanity that I can't even begin to express my gratitude.

I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude to both of you for the session yesterday. I think I only actually spent 25 min speaking with Veronica and had run out of questions, but the 25 min dramatically shifted my perspective and has given me a new leash on life. It was amazing. I have a heightened clarity and focus in my life.
I am forever grateful and look forward to another session in the future.

Love and Blessings

My name is Hillary.. I have had a reading with Veronica in the past, and she helped me greatly!. I'd really like to have a reading with April as soon as possibly. A half and hour would be great. Or possibly an hour.

Hope to hear from you


Hello Allen and April,

That was another great conversation with Veronica today. Veronica gave me some very good ideas about "forgiveness" and how to understand the concept better. I wonder whether that is a subject that Veronica may like to address in her regular Inner Whispers newsletters and/or video sometime in the future?  I found her ideas very enlightening and most useful and I am sure there would be a number of your members who would find it interesting as well.

Thanks for making this energy accessible to us all.

Best wishes,  Stuart”
Thank April for me for helping VERONICA contact us.  That was an amazing experience I had yesterday filled with insights and reinforcements of previous thoughts.45 minutes was the perfect length of time as I got through my list comfortably in that time.
 Very truly yours,
“Hi Allen  Just wanted to say thanks for arranging the talk, and give my thanks to April too.My talk with Veronica went so well, that I ran out of questions a bit before time.
Kind regards,
 “Hi Allen -

I just want to thank both you and April for doing what you do.   
Talking with Veronica yesterday was a pivotal point in my growth.  I 
sure hope that my expansion helped her - them - as well.

I love that you shared with us what the process was like that April 
had to go through to get to where she is today. It helped me to know 

Please know, April, what a huge gift you've given me with your 
selflessness. Thank you both from the depths of my being.


”Dear Allen and April,
      I would like very much to set up an appointment for a phone
reading.  My sister has recently spoken with Veronica/April and the
conversation has inspired her forward with joy, clarity, and
love...Please let me know what can be arranged,

 “Thank you Allen and April for a wonderful first reading.  It really helped me to understand my energy, my family's energy and my kid's energy. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Gina Marie” 

”Dear Alan,

Claudia and I had a wonderful reading, as always, with Veronica. Please thank April from the bottom of our hearts (and take some for yourself too) for the work.

Hope you can continue to go from strength to strength,

With love,



"Hello Allen and April,
My name is Nancy Monghan and I spoke with Veronica on August 8th, 2010. This was our second conversation, the first being several years ago. I so enjoyed my time with Veronica and look forward to another exchange in the future.
I've also just ordered the new book, "Inner Whispers...Messages From A Spirit Guide, " and am very much looking forward to it.
Thank you so much April for sharing yourself with the world, thank you Allen for being such a wonderful support and both of you for your dedication to helping humanity. Thank you Veronica I feel like I've found a new friend.
In Love and Light,

"I have spoken with Veronica before.  It was a great experience and am looking forward to hearing from everyone again.  Naturally, I have more questions.



"Hi Allen, April, & Veronica,
Thank you for an awesome hour long session.  I feel comforted, hopeful, and giddy.
I send my love to each of you,
A big thank you Allen, April and Veronica. It was absolutely perfect! I feel armed to the teeth with all the answers! Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuuu!
"Many thanks J  The reading with April was wonderful and will help by friend on many levels.
 Thanks again. This is fantastic moment! 


"Dear Allen and April

Thankyou so much for the work that you do, it is so wonderful to get an update with Veronica, i feel so much more spacious and more able to drop into the wonderful life i have and really appreciate it all. Her information just suddenly puts a stop to thought trails that no longer need to be journeyed upon and that makes space for the new! She is invaluable and the more i speak to her the more i drop into what i have always known about everything. She (they?) is a de  clutterer in the most profound way.
 In huge Gratitude Michelle" 

"Hi  Allen

Thanks  for  co-ordinating  the  read.  Just  a  quickl  feedback  that  i  really  enjoyed  my  read .  It  was  v.  wonderful  and  affirmed  the  points  i  was  after  that  i   finished before   time.   Thanks  again  to  you, April   and  team.


"Just want to say THANK YOU again! We are both so Happy we were able to connect with you/ Veronica. We will check in again if we should need to do so & also recommend you to our friends. You are each such Blessings.

"Hi Allen

Veronica was exceptional yesterday! The session was most helpful. 
Please thank April/ Veronica from me.


"Hi Allen

can you please thank Veronica/ April for the session I had last week, it was very enjoyable and I believe fruitful.

And thanks to you too, 

Best Regards

"Hi Allen,
I meant to write this after my reading but I wanted to say thanks for the session...thanks to you, April, and VERONICA.  I found it very helpful and insightful.
"Awesome session with Veronica! 
Thank you April and Allen and Veronica! 
-Dave and Toni"
"Alan, Thank you for coming through for me, responding and setting me up as needed.  April, I admire your work and thank you for sharing yourself in physical with Veronica to speak through you!  I bought your books and read up on your news letters.   I was needing a spiritual guide and you delivered!  Blessings to all of you!  Hey Alan, I have a question?  You know how in religion people often say "Amen" after a powerful statement.  What exactly is the true meaning to "Amen"  That just popped into mind, thought I throw it out there.
Cheers and love, Lisa"
Just a note of thanks on behalf of Zoe, my wife and myself for the reading yesterday.
We found it very valuable, useful and thought provoking.
Please pass on our thanks to April for giving us the possibility.
Best wishes,
"Hi Allen Firstly, thank you and April so much for organising my time this evening with Veronica – brilliant! We covered one subject in great depth – complete and perfect ! However, I have a 2nd subject as well I’m looking for guidance with – any chance of another appointment?  Would greatly appreciate it. Similar time span again will be fine – any evening (UK) from 11.00p.m. up to 2 in the morning is fine – so for USA time it would be anything from 3.00p.m. through to 6.00p.m. – if possible; however, otherwise I will adapt to whatever is best for you.  Much love and gratitude 

Liz – panetta healing"


"I want to Thank You Allen and your wife April for the wonderful gift given to me.  Allen, you were very attentive, Thank You so much!  I can't thank the both of you enough!

My experience was very good.  Prior to the call I was nervous, did not know what to expect or what to say even though I did wrote down my questions because I didn't want to forget and wanted to cover all that I wanted to ask in my 1/2 hour.  My first impression of Veronica was like talking to an old lady, no offense, but that was my impression, it was like sitting down on the couch with your grandmother and talk about everything and anything.  It felt like if I knew her, a familiar voice. I even found her "cute" on her expressions and accent.  If there is any way you can make Veronica know this, it is well appreciated. I asked really personal questions because I wanted answers, tired of what doctors had said about my health, and the "why" this and "why" that, I really wanted a good perspective of what in the world was going on with me.  I have to say I got my answers right.  I also asked about my family but I wanted to ask so many more questions about past life and more spiritual overlook about things and answers about other things! but I got the answers to my most immediate worries.  I will schedule another session with her real soon, definitely have to.
Again, Thank You so much!"

"Hello Allen,
Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed my conversation with Veronica last night.  As soon as I put the 'phone down I thought of more questions I'd like to ask, so I'll be in touch again for another reading before too long, if that's possible.
Please pass on my thanks to April - and of course for you too for all your assistance..
Very best regards,
"Thanks Allen, Veronica, and April for the continued messages. When we met at taping in Studio City

I was able to see the entity that Veronica is a part of. It was amazing when the entity entered the room.

God Bless

"Dear Allen,
I want to thank you and April so much for the opportunity to talk to
VERONICA about my personal troubles, it felt like I was talking to a
caring and wise friend and thats something I really needed in my life.
As soon as I can I may bother you for some more appointments in the
future :)
Thank you for the work you guys are doing it is so great

All the best and God Bless

"Dear Allen and April,

Thank you once again for the great work you do. We had another amazing reading with Veronica, that wise, funny, compassionate and insightful being. The work you two do for us in allowing her to communicate with such precision makes a huge difference to our ability to participate fully in this life.


"Hi Veronica and Allen,
I wanted to thank you for the insightful reading. I have always enjoyed receiving your email 'passages' and was drawn to have a reading. I'm glad I did, Veronica is such a beautiful soul.
Thank you so much!
Wishing you both All Good Things. May all you do for others be returned to you tenfold.
Warmest Regards,

"Hello Allen,  
Veronica is delightful.
A half an hour went by so quickly.
I will most definitely call again.
Love to both you and April for facilitating such a wonderful connection.




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