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When we first started, we had two females who became very talented trance channels who each channel a large variety of spirit entities.

All of the group members also have interests in psychic areas other than trance channeling. All of the group members earn most of their income from activities outside of metaphysics. The group has been trance channeling since 1989. In the early days we also had another male trance channel. He channeled a single entity we called Henry. He is still a good friend but lately has been off pursuing his other interests.

In the first several years, our group channeled at least one hundred different spirit entities. Of these only two or three is still channeled regularly today. (Others have joined us since the early days.)

Another five or six have been channeled regularly in the past. The remaining ninety or so have been short term visitors, usually visiting us just one time. Today in 1997, there are about five "regulars" and lots of "drop-ins".

The mix as far as "categories" is something like this during the first few years (some of these terms may be new to you and they will be explained later). Of the "regulars"--

a) One definite Mid-Causal Plane teacher (Hawthorne).
b) One probable Mid-Causal Plane teacher (Rascha).
c) One highly evolved entity outside of human cycle (Henry).
d) One highly evolved entity inside human reincarnational cycle (Veronica)
e) One Oversoul (T).
f) One dreamer (Lyssette).
g) One spirit guide probably an evolved entity inside a human reincarnational cycle (Z).
h) Two Aspects of one of the group members who would also fall into the category of evolved entity inside a human reincarnational cycle (T. Walter, T)
i) One child entity, evolved and within a human reincarnational cycle (Sonny).

Of the above group, Veronica and T still visit the group regularly.

We hear from the other entities mentioned above infrequently now. Lisset "died" physically in our 1990. We heard from her one time after she died but nothing lately. Z is a spirit guide to a visitor to the group. After he moved on to other things, Z hasn't stopped by for a visit although we could probably reach Z if we requested it. Rascha stops by for a visit once in a while but for the most part has moved on to other endeavors now that Hawthorne is coming through.

Of the rest of the entities that have been channeled by the group we have known about fifty of them well enough to call them by a name. Sometimes we use our own name if the entity does not volunteer one. Many entities do not give names because they don't care for labels. In our ongoing channeling sessions today we still frequently channel new entities. Often they are just exploring. Some are quite advanced. Sometimes they have a particular message for one of us or one of our visitors. For example, one weekend (March '93) I spoke to two new entities. One was an explorer from a plane of existence with six dimensions. It said that it had form and used language but considered our level of existence to be primitive. The other entity was from Earth. His name is Sigmund and he last lived in the country of Prussia. As this was his first time speaking through this channel, he said that this was just a test and that he would like to return for a more extensive conversation with me.

As far as the categories that the "non-regular" entities might fit into go, they pretty much cover the entire range. Most of the entities who are outside of the human experience are probably just exploring. Many of entities involved in the human cycle are "in-between lives" and are of various degrees of advancement. We have had some Oversouls of members of the group and of Lyssette. Also some Aspects of members of the group have been channeled.

Aspects in our group's terminology are entities at about the same level of evolvement who are related to each other very closely even though they are distinct individuals. Aspects of a person can be physically alive at the same time as the person or one can be physically alive and one can be in-between lives. There does not appear to be any limit on the number of Aspects that a person may have. Aspects are not the same as "past lives". Each Aspect may have many of its own individual past lives.

Oversoul in our group's terminology is the entity that is formed by a group of related Aspects. It may be just as correct to say that the Oversoul forms the Aspects. In any event, the Oversoul is also an individual entity that can speak for itself. Speaking to an Oversoul is quite different than speaking to an Aspect of the Oversoul. It appears that an Aspect can have more than one Oversoul. In other words, an individual personality (like you) can be a member of more than one group of souls that we refer to as Oversouls. There are all kinds of groups or families of souls and many of them overlap. The groups can constantly change, split or merge. Any use of terms such as Aspects or Oversoul is an oversimplification to accommodate our human language.


Since in many cases it is the questions of the person or the people interacting with a spirit entity that determine the direction of the conversation, it would be misleading to try and generalize what the entities as a group say. It depends on what you ask them. Some people ask about strictly personal things, events or people in their lives or their jobs. Other people are interested in physics or politics. Still others will ask questions about the nature of the universe or of all of reality.

As diverse as the spirit entities are, and they are very diverse, they do all universally agree on some basic natural laws or truths that seem to apply throughout all realities. The fact that they agree on these things despite being different entities channeled through very different channels in different geographic areas and in different times lends credibility to what they say about the way things are.

One of the things they all agree to so far in my experience is that everything is consciousness and everything has consciousness. This means people, plants, animals, rocks, water, empty space, everything. In other words, nothing exists outside of consciousness. For those of you who can't possibly imagine that a rock has consciousness, perhaps you should look into what the physicists are saying today about quantum physics and multiple dimensions of existence.

All of the entities that I have spoken with, or read about for that matter, all agree that some form of reincarnation exists on Earth. I say "some form" of reincarnation because the usual understanding of the word is an oversimplification. Because, as the entities tell us, time does not exist in the linear fashion that most people on Earth perceive, reincarnation does not exist in the linear progression through time that most people believe is the case. There are other subtle things about reincarnation that differ from generally perceived ideas that we will leave for an "advanced" course on reincarnation and the nature of reality.

You create your own reality, literally. Everyone on Earth literally creates the circumstances of their lives by thinking, feeling, and believing things. Most people believe that it is the other way around, that is, that the circumstances of their lives cause them to think or feel or believe things.

Like attracts like is another thing that is universally agreed to. Reality has its own kind of magnetics. Like thoughts attract like thoughts and like events which in turn attract still other more powerful like thoughts and like events. This is why events, either perceived as positive events or negative events, tend to spiral in peoples lives.

There is no "death" as many people think of it. Once the physical body dies, it is simply discarded. The "person" continues to exist in a spiritual or non-physical form that is just as "real" as physical reality. At some point, the person will reincarnate into a new body or move on to other realms of existence altogether that may or may not include physical aspects.

There are no victims. It follows if you think about it, that if everyone literally creates their own reality then there can be no victims. However, most people do not consciously realize that they create their own reality by what they think about (and by circumstances they chose to experience before reincarnating). Therefore, they may indeed perceive themselves as victims as may third party observers. Even if you realize that you create your reality by what you think about, you may not be skilled enough to focus your thoughts only on the positive. If this is so, it is likely that you will experience some events that you perceive as negative in your lives. Individuals who are constantly talking about what rotten luck they have or about always being sick or in pain are not helping themselves create a more pleasant reality. The television news programs can be particularly effective in helping people create undesirable events in their lives by constantly focusing only on negative news.

There are no secrets. Every thought and action is observable by any number of spirit entities and is also recorded in the fabric of reality. Any thought or action can be reviewed or relived by the person or persons involved during the in-between lives phase. If you think or do something that involves another person, they can know it sooner or later and if it was negative, you may have to face up to it with them sooner or later; probably in another physical lifetime or in-between lives.

As indicated in the first paragraph of this section, all kinds of conversations take place with the entities and some of them are quite light and fun. One of my favorite entities was a teenage girl who lived in 17'th century France. She was not aware of any of our modern inventions and we spent a good deal of fun time discussing the differences between her "time" and ours. For example, she was totally amazed when we played the radio or the stereo cassette deck. She asked us "But where are you keeping the musicians?". She loved playing with the running water in the kitchen and when we showed her the gas burner on the stove she stepped back and asked "Are you witches?". Later, when she came through and opened the channel's eyes, we pointed out the cassette tape deck which was turned off. She asked if we could make it play, then she put her ear up against the tape deck instead of the detached speakers. She had no idea what speakers were.

We had similar fun one time when a Sioux Indian girl was trance channeled. We were trying to determine what "time" she was from. All of our dates were meaningless to her as were our references to different countries or people. Finally when we told her that we had white skin she said "I have heard that some of our warriors have told stories about men with white skin." This gave us a clue as to "when" in our history she physically lived. In the case of this girl, she did not realize that she was physically dead. Everything to her seemed as it always had been only with more of dream like quality from what we could tell. Later, one of the more evolved spirit guides came through the same trance channel and explained that we had helped this girl realize her situation by trance channeling her and talking to her about ourselves and our "time".

In conclusion, I would say that trance channeling is a great opportunity to experience an expanded view of the universe. There are very good books in most California book stores on the subject. Some of the most detailed are by an entity named Seth as trance channeled by Jane Roberts. These books would be well known by any person working in a new age or metaphysical book store. Another good series of books that many people enjoy is the Messages from Michael series.

Books can provide a wealth of information and I highly recommend reading everything on the subject if you are interested in trance channeling and all that it implies. However, nothing can take the place of being there at a trance channeling session. It is best if you can do it often with a wide variety of entities and different trance channels. Diversified sources tend to strengthen the foundation of one's experience and knowledge. Word of mouth recommendations are probably the best way to find a truly talented trance channel in your area. Some are clearly more adept than others and some of equal talent may simply be more in harmony with your liking than others.