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Jane Roberts and Seth

We want to acknowledge the body of work published by Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts regarding the material dictated via Jane Roberts' trance mediumship by the Entity known as Seth.
A list of the first books in the Seth series that we have read and really like (to use an understatement) along with direct links to Amazon where you can get them is here:  See and Get Seth Books Here!
Seth is not for everyone, as the reading can get very deep at times.  However, there is no more complete body of channeled material that has been received in a so clear and relatively undistorted manner as the Seth Material.
Anyone who wishes to study the nature of reality and of consciousness will do well to read the Seth books in the order in which they were published.
We also consider the set of spiritually aware novels that are part of "The Education of Over Soul Seven" series by Jane Roberts to give one of the most accurate examples of how multiple incarnations and spirit guides actually work.  Each of these novels is an excellent and quick read with a story line that will hold the reader.
We can report that after 16 years interacting with similar entities via the open deep trance mediumship of April Crawford, we have never in even one instance been given information that conflicts with what Seth has said about consciousness or the greater reality.
Were it not for the pioneering work of Jane Robert's, Robert Butts, and Seth, several highly adept deep trance mediums that we know in the world today may not have been inspired to discover their own mediumship abilities.  Certainly this site would be very different, if it existed at all.