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Converations with VERONICA: "EMPATHY"

Veronica is responding here to a question related to the questioner's future vocation:

VERONICA: My suggestion would be to hype up that energy, and pursue what makes you the happiest, and my sensing is that psychology is what you are talented at. Massage is fine, because you enjoy it. But your true talent and your true job on this plane in this time is helping and listening to others.

Female Questioner: Can I ask you one more question? Because it's related to that. And that's I think I have a problem with my emotions. I feel that if I was to do this type of work … I have a fear there of losing my emotions with other people.

VERONICA: Losing your emotions in what way?

Oh, you know, if I hear of someone with an emotional
problem, I tend to, uh ….

VERONICA: Make it your own?

Questioner: Make it my own, or, you know, cry inappropriately or that type of thing. It happens all the time. It's like I don't have any control over it … my emotions.

VERONICA: It is [the result of] your ability to place yourself in the place of others. There is nothing wrong with showing emotion. To be able to feel another's pain … is a gift. May I suggest you not look upon it as a hindrance, but as a gift. To be able to cry with someone and feel their pain would be a great comfort to one who is truly in pain. You devalue your gift by believing it is a weakness. In fact it is a strength.

Female Questioner: I never thought of it that way before.

VERONICA: Reexamine your empathy. When someone comes to you troubled, and you ask another's advice … Let us make a little scenario here. Say you had a problem that was horrible. You cried and no one understood you. No one could understand the pain that you were in. So you went to a doctor, or say a psychologist. And that one person felt your pain, and understood your pain. It would help you immensely.

All the world wants understanding and empathy: Not everyone can give it. You have a gift my dear. And you've been hiding it under a bushel basket, thinking it is not the right thing to do. "How can I control this wonderful gift I have to feel the pain of others?"

I would suggest that you reexamine that, and find your true path. You will not find a job in the office. You will not allow yourself to do that. You are essentially kicking yourself in the butt. You will not be able to find that type of work. You might be able to find massage work because you enjoy it. But there will always be this nagging over here [VERONICA gestures to a place over the channel's shoulder] that "I'm not quite doing what I'm suppose to be doing. I'm not quite satisfied. What am I not doing here?"

However, it is your choice. But I suggest you reexamine this gift you have. And not to look at it as an affliction, but as a gift.

Female Questioner: I've been thinking about going into hospice work. Do you think that might be appropriate?


Female Questioner: Yes.

VERONICA: Then do it. But … and always the big "but" … allow the true you to come through. Do not hide away. You are putting a bushel basket over this immense bright light, thinking that it is not appropriate. Please, please take the bushel basket off and allow your true self to come through. There are so many that would benefit from your empathy.

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