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Awake each day with this thought.

"What do I see in the eyes of those I encounter?"

By making a list of your impressions, you will be able to determine your own progress. For indeed others are the reflection of the self. What light beams from your soul, reflects on those around you. It gives power to the self and reveals the god spirit you posses. It is a glorious process.

Find a quiet space. Eliminate the chatter that fills your head as you live the physical life. This culture of which you are a part is filled with exterior information. It is time to return to interior information. There must be silence for there to be progress in discovery. Your society looks for answers outside the self, and has stopped listening to interior information. This information comes from the god spirit within yourself.

By shining your god likeness to others, it will soon begin to reflect in the eyes of others. Slow down. Find the quiet space. Listen to the whispers, and you shall be filled with the god spirit - as will those around you. Suddenly, seeing god in yourself and in others will be but a simple task.