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An Open Letter To Those New To Channeling Experiences

In ancient earth experience the inhabitants conversed easily with ones such as myself. Much was shared and growth was evident on both sides. Then came the shift ...... and the easy exchange was lost. It took many centuries for the connection to reappear. Those who were fortunate enough to be open to us were persecuted by those who lived in fear. Thus that which was intended to be natural evolved into a covert link. Even to this day, in your society, those who participate in this type of forum are considered "out there".

It is my desire to remove the veil of mystery from our exchanges. It has occurred to me in my meetings with some of you in physical reality that there is a fear in the initial moments ... a second of anticipation that blocks the "naturalness" of my time with you.

Mine, is a different environment, but one you have experienced as I have experienced yours. In this state I am able to access knowledge that enables you to cope with your reality with more clarity. In helping you and "becoming" physical, I too learn to be in harmony with my reality.

So let us remove the labels and eliminate the "oohs" and "aahs" of channeling. Consider me as a friend. One that you would sit and chat with over lunch. By removing the "fear" and replacing it with friendship, we will be able to move forward in our separate realities and attain growth together. This was how it was intended in the beginning.

Love + Light

Your friend,