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Meet the Teaching Entity VERONICA
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To here audio clips of VERONICA speaking about "What is death like?", "Why people go to mediums for readings", audio from an actual client session, and more:  Click HERE!
VERONICA is a teaching entity who speaks with us often through an agreement with a deep trance channel (or trance medium if you prefer). Our group chose the name "VERONICA" and she has allowed us to use it over the years. We still do not know what name she would have used, but "VERONICA" seems to suit her for the purposes of our visits.

VERONICA has a particular appreciation of physical incarnation and she has done so many times. She informed us about five years ago that she does not intend to incarnate physically again.
There are many styles and personality types among entities that interact with us via full body deep trance channeling. Lively interaction and some fun are key whenever VERONICA attends.
In order to get to know VERONICA better, you may wish to try the group channeling session link, one of the audio sample links, or some links to other VERONICIA material, all of which are listed below.

The deep trance channel that VERONICA "comes through" is an Open, Full Body, Deep Trance Channel & Medium.
What all that means is that the trance channel allows many different entities to speak through her, some of the entities use her body to gesture or walk around, and she goes into deep trance, essentially April Crawford "leaves" to allow the entity a clear connection and full control over speech and movement.

We refer to VERONICA as "she" because she appears to us as a feminine energy. However, VERONICA has incarnated as both male and female, as have we all.
Sample Group Session:  This is a transcript of a more or less typical group trance channeling session featuring VERONICA. It will give you an idea of how interactive and fun trance channeling sessions can be. Perhaps you will relate to some of the questions.
Audio Samples of a Client Session with VERONICA:  Samples of the audio tape made at the session.  Used with client permission.