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Ask anyone what "fun" is and you will get a myriad of answers. It is a personal viewpoint for all. However, let us make it clear that fun is one of the most "fun"damental experiences in the drama of life.

Picture life like a kaleidoscope and it is at the core. Look about you with truly open eyes and your will see "fun" everywhere. It exists in abundance in your dimension. The obstacle encountered in its pursuit is allowance. How often do we allow ourselves to partake? Perhaps it is time to eliminate the excuses to take some moments of your time and set them aside. Use them entirely for the allowance of fun. Close your eyes and remember the last instance of whatever is fun for you. Allow yourself to become immersed in its joy. In your daily routine you may have simply forgotten the pleasure. Take the time..... Allow....give yourself permission. You deserve it, but wait. That is yet another issue isn't it? Let us solely put our energy into allowance of fun. You will not regret the decision.

Your friend, VERONICA