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"I have been male, female, gay, bisexual. I have died very young, I have lived very old. I have died of cancer, leukemia ... which helps me to help others on their path, in my experience."

"The dramas that we create while on the physical level become so real that we surround ourselves with them and become lost in them. And we forget about joy. That would be my message. Lighten up."

"In-between lives, you decide what your goals are, what you want to learn about; and then you manifest a life which will enable you to learn those lessons. It is a highly sophisticated way, to learn."

"Most when they die take a few days, on the Physical Plane, to figure out what happened. Most are extremely surprised to find out they have died. For they feel no different. They still feel their bodies. Others, turn around and see their bodies, and become slightly alarmed."

"Nothing is terminal, until it's terminated. That individual has not decided yet, to terminate. Outward appearances may suggest that . But again, nothing is terminal, until it is terminated. And he has not done that, nor has he made the choice. There are people all the time who defeat the odds. It is because they choose to."

"When you add the spirituality to the sexual act, it becomes, something different. Much more memorable. Something you would like to repeat. And, something that most are constantly searching for."

"Godlike, is different for every person. Everyone's conception of God, is different. But indeed they are all God. To be Godlike is to move with the flow of the universe, smoothly. Gently. Lovingly. There is no harshness in God. There is no cruelty. It is peaceful."

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