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Telephone Readings

1)  The readings are conversational in nature.  You can ask questions or discuss whatever topics that you wish.  The information is the same in telephone readings as it is for in-person readings.
2)  Most people have half hour, hour, or 90 minute sessions.  Some alternate the length of sessions, particularly if they start with half hour sessions and then move on to hour or 90 minute sessions.  Contact Allen at for scheduling, prices, or any other general questions about personal telephone consultations with VERONICA.
3)  Longer sessions  are available by special request.
4)   If you want you may have more than one person listening in on telephone sessions at your end. 
5)  Telephone readings can be done with cell phones, speaker phones or Internet phones (like Skype or Penny Talk)... and callers may call from anywhere in the world.
5)  We do not send out recordings but you may record the sessions if you agree that any recordings will be for your own personal use and that the contents of any recordings may not be published in any manner.  (Most people who record use speaker phones to do so).
6)  Payments are made by you with either a credit card or PayPal using a secure link that will be sent to you once a reading time is scheduled.
If you would like to schedule a telephone reading/consultation with VERONICA, please email April Crawford's facilitator Allen at

How Telephone Readings Work
Every reading includes April Crawford of course, but also an experienced facilitator to make the introductions and to help get things started smoothly, particularly for new clients.
A typical phone reading would go like this:
1)  You call a specific phone number at the appointed time.
2)  The facilitator (who you have already talked with or exchanged email with) answers using a speaker phone.
3)  April Crawford will be there also but usually will not speak, as she is taking just a few moments to relax and then "go out" so that one of the Entities, usually one we call Veronica, can come through to talk with you directly.
4)  While this is happening you and the facilitator can chat for a few seconds, or if you want, you can ask some basic questions about the process.
5)  As soon as the Entity is ready, "he or she" (but almost always it is VERONICA for new clients) will talk to you directly.
6)  When you are talking to VERONICA (or any of the other entities) you are speaking with VERONICA directly and should address her in first person.  April Crawford is NOT the one you are talking with and in fact April is generally not there and will not recall your conversation with VERONICA.
7)  NOTE:  These readings are conversational.  You will get the most out of them if you are relaxed, open, and have some questions to ask or at least some areas in your life or other topics that you wish to discuss.
A Note About "VERONICA's" name:  VERONICA is not the actual name of this entity.  However, when "she" first came through and spoke with us, she refused to give herself a "label".  So we chose the name "VERONICA" ... which she agreed to use... and she is now known by that name.  Also, VERONICA is not female but is instead an entity that has been both male and female.  However, "she" leans toward female energy and most people think of "her" as female energy.
If you have any questions at all about readings, please feel free to contact us with your questions at

Telephone or In-Person Readings?
Telephone readings are much easier to schedule than in-person readings.  The information is the same whether it is in-person or via the telephone.
So, unless you are particularly interested in the deep trance channeling process itself (and many are), or you want to host an in-person group, or you just prefer to look Veronica (or other Entity) in the eyes, a telephone reading is usually a good choice at least for your first reading.
Of course, meeting with someone in person is always different than talking on the phone.  But for many individuals, the phone is just more practical.
Why we call these "Readings"
We call these "readings" because the entities read energy.  However, they are really conversations, just like talking to an old friend.  They are quite different from what most psychics do for example, and totally different from what John Edward does.
By the way, if you are interested in what we will call a "John Edward" type of reading, we know personally two of the very best mediums of that type in the world.  You can find them via the navigation link on the left of this page.
All conversations are non-judgemental and private.  You may discuss anything, with the understanding that this service is not to provide advice per se., particularly specific financial or medical advice.  The entities will tell you what they see, which can be very useful.  However, any choices you make must be your own.  We highly recommend seeking the advice of a licensed professional before making any material choices involving medical or financial matters.
The point of these conversations from the Entities' points of views is to provoke your thought, to help you understand things in your life at an energy or essence level, to give you knowledge, and to ultimately help you with your own individual growth and awareness.