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In-Person Group Readings and In-Person Individual Readings via April Crawford

The rates and terms for in-person group sessions and in-person sessions for individuals are identical.  In other words, there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for groups (of up to 20 people).

Group sessions are offered in the Los Angeles area for groups that wish to host either an entire afternoon or an entire evening either at someone's home, a hotel suite (a sitting area is required, i.e., not just a bedroom) or at a hotel conference room or place of business.  Sessions can also be held in hotel common areas, or at a resturant or tavern.
Most individuals who wish to talk with VERONICA should consider telephone readings as they are much easier to schedule and substantially less expensive than booking a personal appearace.  The information is the same via the telephone as it is in person.
NOTE:  For sessions held in Burbank, Sherman Oaks, or Pasadena only, the minimum time commitment is 2 hours instead of 4 hours, and the cost is less proportionally to those listed below.
An entire evening generally  includes about 4 hours of time with April Crawford and her facilitator Allen.  Within that time, there will be about 2 1/2 to 3 hours of deep trance channeling featuring the Entity and Guide that we call VERONICA.  The channeling will be split up into two or three sessions with short breaks in-between.
Group sessions can either be organized around social occasions (like a wine and cheese party, for example) or they can be more formal.  The format is up to the host.
An entire evening or an entire afternoon is $1,500 if the meeting is within 45 minutes of Burbank California.  Longer distances may require additional amounts to cover two way travel time.
Availability and costs of group sessions may vary depending upon April Crawford's other scheduled activities and projects.
Group session may be audio recorded if everyone agrees that any recordings will be for the personal use of the group only and that the contents of any recordings may not be published in any manner.   Group sessions may not be video recorded.
To schedule a group session or to ask questions about group sessions, email April Crawford's facilitator Allen at