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Sample Internet Message Board Reading
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The Internet reading sample that follows is an unsolicited reading, not exactly done via e-mail, but instead via a message board located at  The name of the person being read has been changed but the reading is otherwise un-edited.

Here the person conducting the reading is TrChannel, the host of  The person being read, we will call "Merlin".  Merlin asked a single question in a "what would you ask John Edward if you could?" kind of inquiry.  This person, whose sex was unknown at the time, asked the hypothetical question of John Edward without knowing in advance that April Crawford would be doing a reading for him or her. 

Note that this particular entity is not VERONICA, but one of many individual entities that are part of a large group teaching entity known collectively as "T".

It may also be noted the April Crawford was not even aware that she did this reading because TrChannel slipped the question into one of his own readings while April was in deep trance and essentially out of her body while the T Entity spoke with him on other matters.

The results of the reading were posted as follows:

TR: Merlin, I took the liberty of reading your post to an entity that I was speaking with over the weekend via my wife's deep trance mediumship.  Following is a transcript from an audio tape of what transpired:

Start Reading transcript:

Tr:  [Reads the question he had asked Merline on the message board to the T Entity.]

"What is the one question that you would like to ask John Edward if you had the chance?"

Tr:  [Reads Merlin's responding post to the entity.]


You recently did a radio tour where you addressed the negative comments made by Rosie O'Donnell. You said that by her making fun of your work publicly was an insult to the intelligence of those of us who do believe in it. My question is, what can a person, who is trying to develop their own skills do when their spouse, because of their own belief system, is against this development? "

"T" Entity:  One must consider why one would create that scenario.  It is a reflection of the inner self.  May we touch upon Rosie O'Donnell?

Tr:  Please.

"T" Entity:  She fears something.

Tr:  Which is?

"T" Entity:  That if this were all true, would her dead mother talk to her?  Her underlying fear is that her mother will have moved on to someplace else and not remember who she is.  She makes fun because she is so close to a breakdown over it.

Her fear is that it isn't real and there would be no hope of touching upon her mother's essence again.

Or if it is true, her mother would not want to talk to her.  They parted badly.

When her mother died, she said, "I'm glad you're dead.  Because she was so angry at her mother for dying.  That is what it is about.  All about her fear.

Tr:  What kind of advice would you give to someone like Merlin?  There are others who have a similar question about their mates.

"T" Entity:  They created this scenario for a reason.  Now there are many.  Do you want us to go through each individual one?

Tr:  Well, Merlin asked the question

"T" Entity:  The name again?

Tr:  "Merlin".  It's an Internet name.

"T" Entity:  Read her question.  I want to hear her words.

Tr. [Reads the main question]

“My question is, what can a person, who is trying to develop their own skills do when their spouse, because of their own belief system, is against this development?”

"T" Entity:  It is a reflection.  This is a very multi-tiered individual.  We can tell you the first problem.

Tr:  Please.

"T" Entity:  Artisan married to a Warrior.  That's the first problem.  An Artisan creating scenarios by which . . . She feels the need to . . .  She doesn't feel growth unless she feels like she is going through a barrier.

And married to a Warrior, the Warrior is NEVER going to see her side.  She just must accept the fact that he doesn't accept it, and be who she is anyway.

A suppressed Artisan.  And she has suppressed herself by marrying a Warrior.  It is a test for herself.  It is all self imposed, self-created.

He wills NEVER EVER . . . A Warrior does not change its allegiance, ever.

The biggest problem is the essence.

Tr:  See, I would have guessed that VERONICA's response would have been, "Dump him."  Because the question is "What should I do?" not, "Why is it?"  You're saying just live and learn.  Live with it.

"T" Entity:  Accept the fact that she will not be accepted under those terms with a Warrior, and go forward anyway.

"T" Entity:  It is like being a persecuted Christian.  "What should I do?"  Let yourself be fed to the lions and transcend.

Are you willing to be eaten alive?

Or, are you going to round the corners of your beliefs so you may fit into the round hole?

Or are you going to stay with the sharp edges and the square shape and defy those who mean to shape you into the form that THEY want?

We don't know if you get the subtlety of it.

Tr:  I do.  I like the subtlety of it.

"T" Entity:  That is what that is about.

Tr:  It is a common question that I get on these message boards.

"T" Entity:  Each one is individual and different.  And each answer of the questions you give me would be different.

Belief systems are tricky.  Belief systems, most of them on your planet where they concern "God", are pure fabrications:  A tapestry woven over many centuries to control the masses.

Tr:  Pure and simple.

"T" Entity:  Well, the smart ones are manipulating the dumb ones.  That is how it began.  Now the smart ones are questioning and the dumb ones are in charge.  It's a little different.

Tr: (Laughing)  It's ironic.

"T" Entity:  It's true.

* * *