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Audio Samples of Conversations With Spirit Guides
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Audio Samples of Conversations With Spirit Guides
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There are several regular teaching entities or spirit guides who regularly counsel and converse with people via April Crawford's deep trance psychic channeling.  One of the most frequent is a teaching entity that we refer to as VERONICA (with "her" permission). There are many others with various names and labels as well.

Please feel free to share these recordings with family and friends. 

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Introduction to VERONICA

A client asks VERONICA who, what, and how it works.

VERONICA speaks about why a reading

A general statement by VERONICA about what these teaching entities do and why.

What is death like?

A response to a general question about physical death.

Connecting with your Spirit Guides

A response to a general question about Spirit Guides.

Helping A Child Develop Spiritually

A response to a mother's question.

On Spiritual Conflict with Husbands

A common question from married women who are interested in spiritutal and psychic explorations, while their husbands either mock them, or worse.

Appreciation of the Sense of Touch

A client noted earlier comments by VERONICA about the sense of touch and VERONICA responds.

Question: Helping an ill Sister

A client asks how to help an ill sister who is not particularly open to being helped, particularly in a spiritual or psychic sense.

Question about Sister Competition

This question is about conflict and competition between adult sisters.

VERONICA Advises about a Brother

More on family relationships and some of the underlying issues from a spiritual or psychic point of view.

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Above are audio samples of what the entity VERONICA sounds like while speaking via the deep trance psychic channeling of April Crawford.  In addition to giving an idea about how sessions are experienced, you may relate to some of the conversations.  They are from live sessions and are used here with permission.  VERONICA and all of the teaching entities speak from truth, without judgement of you or your choices, and from the point of view of being able to see your core issues at an energy level.
Note that VERONICA is one of many different beings that are able to speak via April Crawford's Deep Trance Channeling.