Sample Readings via the Deep Trance Psychic Mediumship of April Crawford
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To the left are direct links to various samples of actual readings.  (In some cases names have been changed for privacy reasons.)

The way that readings via April Crawford work is basically this:  For in person and telephone readings, the facilitator on our end makes the introductions and may make some general comments while April is "going out".  Once a teaching entity makes itself known, ususally within seconds of the start, either the entity or the facilitator will advise the client that it is OK to begin.

The client will then ask questions of the teaching entity or indicate what subject he or she would like to discuss first.  What follows will be a two-way conversation between the client and the entity.  The whole process is extremely smooth and comfortable.

Sometimes more than one spirit guide will participate.  For those interested in contact with someone who has recently crossed over, please read the section of April's main site about Afterlife Counseling.

Note that the samples posted to this website are all either transcripts of audio recordings made during live sessions or the actual audio recordings themselves.  All samples are used here with permission.

Also, while the entity VERONICA is featured in many of these samples, April Crawford is an "Open Medium", which means she can and does allow many different beings to converse through her.  It just so happens that we have transcribed some of VERONICA's readings for these samples.  Some of these readings also feature an entity that we know as "T".

There are many others including spirit guides specific to certain clients that also come through.  All readings are individual and often the entity or being that comes through depends upon the individual client and what their issues and areas of inquiry may be.