"Parting Notes": A Connection With The AfterLife

Some Quotes From "Parting Notes"

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Some Quotes From "Parting Notes"
Editorial Review of "Parting Notes": A Connection With The Afterlife
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Following are some quotes from a few of the more than one hundred individual afterlife communications contained in "Parting Notes": A Connection With The Afterlife, which was written via April Crawford's Open Deep Trance Channeling.


“You do not know us by name.  We exist in the peripheral of physical life.  The opportunity afforded to us … was indeed a precious gift.  There are many levels of living…  All the levels are accessible but communication between them not always available.  Souls traveling together sometimes get separated.  Without … assistance messages of encouragement solace and love cannot jump the barrier.    You are about to be enlightened.  All of us anticipated your arrival.  Read these gifts ….  We are all alive and well.  We only wish to share the marvel of all existence.  Each of these letters will alter one person’s life, or perhaps many in unison.  After you have read them, share them.  That was the intent in which they were written. 


            Read with love.

                  All of us.”



“The thoughts of a dead man are valuable.  The creation of a map to the hereafter is now available.  … You too shall prevail in the hereafter.  The body will turn to dust but it is only a costume for the real you.  That which you perceive as you inside your head will remain.  It is true.  I am proof.”


From:  Thomas Johnson



“However this is my note to you.  I choose to tell you that it is nothing.  A stroke of midnight, a whisper of wind through the trees.  No matter what pain the physical present presents the end result is serene and beautiful.  It has never been otherwise for me.”


From:  Theodore



“There is a level of existence that encompasses more than you can comprehend.  Now that I have left my physical form I can embrace that existence and become one with it.  In the physical we are preoccupied with physical needs.  Sometimes those needs help us evolve other times they serve as a distraction.  I now see the whole picture.  We communicate to open your eyes.  Spiritually or physically to another way of living.  And we desire to comfort any fears that you associate with the end of physical existence.  It simply does not apply to the vastness of your soul.  Our goal is to communicate this.  There is no other purpose.


No drama exists here.  It is petty and unworthy of the richness of this plane.  Close your eyes and visualize if you desire a place beyond any expectation.  If you can create it in your mind multiply it by a thousand fold.  That is where you will be when the physical is shed and you become your true self.”


From: T.



“Death is not what you suppose.  It’s not an ascension to the light, it’s not an ending to a drama.  There are many things it is not and I could go to eternity with them.  I’ll tell you what it is though.  It is a major line crossing that should not be feared.  The fear can be eliminated by beginning to cross minor lines placed by you & others in your earth plane existence on a daily basis.”


From:  AmbrosE



“I made a mental note to put in a complaint about the aloofness of the hospital staff.  Everyone just looked through me.  Here I am a very sick woman out of bed for the first time in months and no one seemed to care.


I plodded back to my room very pissed indeed, the door swinging easily and I was stunned at the picture before me.  There I was still in bed eyes closed asleep.  I could hear a clock ticking from off in the distance.   Counting off time which of course now was irrelevant to me.


            Suddenly I got it.  A new sense of reality descended upon me and I was transformed.  I am now on a new journey to a new place.  I just wanted to let some one know.  There’s so much more.”


From:  Adrienne



“Physical pain is but a dim memory to me now.  Yes in those last moments it was difficult but the pain was meant to give us clarity.  I know it sounds strange but in my position the clarity survives and is useful. 


I rejoice at the opportunity to tell you.  I am fine.  Different but more than whole as we knew it.  Live your life with this positive lesson.  I will wait for you.  The window is closing…”


                                                                    From:  Daphne

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