"Parting Notes": A Connection With The AfterLife

Editorial Review of "Parting Notes": A Connection With The Afterlife
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Editorial Review of "Parting Notes": A Connection With The Afterlife
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Editorial Review
by Awareness Magazine May 2003


A Connection With The Afterlife

By April Crawford

     In the fascinating and illuminating book, “Parting Notes”, psychic medium April Crawford shares over one hundred letters she received while in a trance state, letters from people who have passed from the physical plane and have gone on to something more fantastic, more peaceful and more amazing than we can imagine with our limited human experience.

     These letters are “parting notes,” or last messages sent through April from the other side as a way to help communicate to her readers that there is nothing to fear after we die, and to give last messages to loved ones.

     The letters and trance medium writing didn’t start until author, April Crawford, had been a talented medium for over a decade.  One day, she picked up a pen and handed her husband a message on a piece of paper that said, “There is someone here with a letter.  Fetch me a piece of paper.”

     What resulted was an amazing journey between channeler, pen and paper – recording the uncanny messages of people who have passed onto the other side.

     These beautiful and eloquent messages are all unique in that they are clearly not the channeler’s personality, because they seem to have a distinct flavor of their own.  These letters from the dead that have culminated into a wonderful book must be the real thing as they are emotionally convincing, profound and brilliant.

     You will find this book to be of great comfort if you are wondering what happens after we die.  An intriguing read for believers and skeptics alike.

     Published by 1st books, this book is available at your local bookstore and at amazon.com

                                                   By Cindy Weismann


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