"Parting Notes": A Connection With The AfterLife

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415 pages
 Hardcover ISBN: 1-4033-0609-5
Paperback ISBN: 1- 4033-0608-7
E-BOOK ISBN: 1-4033-0607-9
Library of Congress Number 2002102474

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"Parting Notes" is a non-fiction book that tells first hand from those on the Other Side about what dying and the afterlife are actually like.
The messages are all individual but some things are clear.  There is moreWe survive physical deathWe will see our loved ones againThere is no need to fear.
This book contains 117 detailed communications... each one a personal life, death, and afterlife story... as told by each individual... in his or her own words... via the extraordinary deep trance psychic mediumship of April Crawford.  These are messages that have been communicated by those who have already "died".  They want to share their experiences from their afterlife perspectives. 
NOTICE:  Although this book is a very easy read, with each letter serving as a self contained mini chapter, "Parting Notes" contains some relatively advanced concepts about what it is like to die and the Afterlife.
This book along with very few others (such as "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts) tells the "adult level" version of what the death experience and what the Afterlife was actually like for the individuals who wrote about it.
Accordingly, if you are searching for the typical stories that say "all people have the exact same tunnel of light experience then end up  in some single one size fits all "heaven" forever... stories that are common (but incorrect), or, if you don't think you can accept that the Afterlife is at least as individual an experience as physical life, then don't read this book because you probably will not get it.
On the other hand, if you are metaphyically and spiritually open, "Parting Notes" can be a very interesting, encouraging and uplifting resource to add to your knowledge about... and planning for... the Afterlife.
Part I of the book is an introduction written by highly developed non-physical Spirit Teachers while the author, April Crawford is in deep trance.  It introduces the topic of physical death and the afterlife via an up lifting short story about little girl and her special relationship with her grandma.
The introductory story is suitable for all ages and is the only part of this book that is intended to be taken as fictional.
On the dust jacket flaps of the hard cover version of the book is a message of comfort and fact from VERONICA, another of the highly developed non-physical teachers that speaks via April Crawford.
Many of the messages from those on the Other Side contain messages about the greatest lessons that the writers of these accounts learned  (or wished they would have learned) when they were still in physical bodies or during the first moments after they crossed over.  These lessons reveal practical advice that can help everyone to a richer experience in this physical life as well as helping to understand and enhance afterlife experiences.  There are things that can be done right now to improve both.
"Parting Notes" is one of the most complete and true accounts of what it is like to physically die and what it is like after crossing over that has ever been published.  In represents more than 120 individual open deep trance mediumship sessions, reproduced exactly as each individual's message was received, word-for-word... in first, final, and only draft (and that includes the introductory story written by the teaching entities while the author was in deep trance).

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