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April Crawford



To schedule a reading or if you have questions about readings, contact me (Allen) at


If you are interested in a spiritual reading, this is something a little different than talking either with a psychic or with a "relay" medium (such as John Edward or James Van Praagh, for example).  It is an opportunity to have a direct conversation with a highly evolved guide via an extraordinary deep trance channel.


The entity that handles most of the telphone readings is one we call "VERONICA".  VERONICA is the one who writes most of the articles for "Inner Whispers", which you can get for free at


So how is this a different kind of reading?


Well, it's not a "fortune telling" thing.  While future events can be discussed, they are always discussed by the entities in terms of probablilites, not in terms of this will or that will not happen.  The future is not fixed.


In other words, if you have questions that start with "will I", such as "will I get married?”, "will I find a job?", "will I find my soul mate?", then we should tell you that these kinds of questions are not the best use of this access.


The entities will talk about "future" events and trends but only in terms of probabilities.


You see, there are certain spiritual metaphysical principles that govern how and why things happen.   One of the most important of these is that you are in control of your reality.  You are literally the center of your universe whether you realize it or not; and most people currently do not.


To quote one of the guides...


"The Universe does not care what you want.... It only wants to give it to you".


So, one thing that a conversation with one of the entities is really good for is to help you learn how to use these principles and Universal Laws to create and attract whatever it is you wish in you life.


The entities will not choose for you or tell you what IS going to happen... because it is really YOUR CHOICE.  However, it can be helpful to talk with a spiritual entity to help you understand your relationships and issues on a  "core" or "energy essence" level.


One thing that these entities do very well is to read energy.  That is why we use the term "readings" even though these sessions are conversations with questions and answers and not like a typical psychic reading at all.  It is because during the conversations, the entities are reading the textures of your energy and the energy surrounding your particular questions and issues.


Another thing that a conversation with a highly evolved spirit guide or entity can be very useful for is to gain understnding and knowledge.


It can really help you make much more informed choices and use the power that you have always had but may not have been fully aware of.


Understanding your relationships and personal issues at an essence or energy level, whether they are romantic, family, or business, can really help you may more informed choices.


There are lots of examples of readings and conversations with the entities on this site.  They include text, audio, and even some video.


These should be helpful in deciding if this type of reading is something that you may be interested in.


You can talk about anything you want, from your personal or business relationships to what happens when we “die”.  If you want to talk about someone who has recently “died”, that is OK too, but please note that we do not offer direct two-way conversations with those who have recently crossed over to new clients without very special arrangements and only on a very limited basis (there are a lot of reasons for this that we will not get into here.)


If you are looking for the type of reading that you have seen John Edward or James Van Praagh do, there is a navigation button on the left side of this page to world class mediums of that type that we know personally . April Crawford generally does not do those types of readings.


Of course discussions about one's love life often come up and a conversation with one of the entities, who have after all had many physical lives and many realtionships themselves, can often be extremely useful and enlightening.


A conversation with one of the entities is a connection that can be felt by many people on an energy level and is always an uplifting, rewarding and interesting experience.  There are very few open deep trance channels in the world today that are as adept at this process as April Crawford, who just happened to have a natural ability to do this that has been refined with over 15 years of experience.


If you are wondering, yes the entities are very psychic.  However, the reason they call these "readings" is because they read energy.  What they offer first and foremost (in my humble opinion) is a connection and wisdom from an amazing perspective.


If you would like to schedule a reading or if you have any questions about readings, please contact me at:



Best wishes,



Facilitator for April Crawford

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