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Tr. Super Recommended: This book is written from the Other Side via the extraordinary deep trance mediumship of April Crawford, who happens to be my wife.  It is among the most true and complete books ever published on the subject of what is is actually like to die and life just after.  For more information try
Tr Recommended:  Jerry and Ester Hicks are definitely Seth fans and the entity that writes this book is similar, although this is an easier read than Seth.  I spoke with Jerry Hicks briefly and have been to a group session with Abraham, the entity channeled by Ester.  It's the real deal.  Note that in the edition I read, the last chapter about earth changes is something that Abraham is now not so urgent about.  I am not sure if that chapter is still in later editions of the book.  This book gives practical understandings useful in creating what it is you want.
Tr. Recommended:  Part II of the above.  Still good if you liked the first one.
Tr. Recommended:  Amazon does not have a cover image for this book, but it can be a great help in understanding relationships.  Some of the entities that speak via my wife April's deep trance mediumship directed us to read the Michael books so that they could use the vocabulary when discussingother people with us.  If you get into it, it is highly useful.
Tr. Recommended:  The author of this book is a deep trance channel and a personal friend of mine.  The group entity that Jasmine channels, The Fairns, is quite amazing.  This book will appeal to those interested in past civilizations such as Atlantis, ET's, and those who are into physics.  I plan to scan my own personal copy of this book to add the cover image since Amazon does not have one.  Jasmine is still active and does phone and in-person readings. This is the real deal.

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