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Tr Recommended:  This classic and Robert Monroe's next book "Far Journeys" are mandatory reading for serious OBE explorers.
Tr Recommended:  The first part of the book contains details about some of Robert Monroe's adanced study at the Monroe Institue.  The second half of the book is about very advanced interdimensional travel and will be useful for understanding advanced dream, OBE, and after death states.  Highly recommended for advanced explorers.
Tr Recommended:  I did not like this nearly as much as the first two, but any fan of Robert Monroe probably will want to read the complete set.  This one gets fairly esoteric.
Tr Recommended:  This is a good basic "How to" book.  Designed with practical steps to achieve conscious out of body experiences in about 30 days.  Also of note is that the Author, Rick Stack, knew Jane Roberts, Robert Butts, and Seth personally and attended many of the Seth sessions.
Tr Recommended:  This book reviews a variety of different techniques for "getting out".  I found it very good.  I managed to talk with Scott Rogo before he died.  When I lost my first copy of this book, I bought another just to have it in my library.

Tr Note:  As one who learned how to have conscious out of body experiences, I found it helps to read just about every book on the subject, including astral travel, that you can get your hands on. Intense focus on doing it helps and constantly reading about it goes a long way in that direction.  You can also pick up some very useful "navigation" tips from the various authors.

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