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Life After Death
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Tr. Recommended:  This is an amazing story about an amazing and powerful woman. I have talked to her personally and can attest to the fact that she is the "real deal".  Rosmary Altea is very psychic and this book about life after death and life is highly recommended.
Tr. Recommended:  George Anderson is very talented and reveals many metaphysical truths in all of his books.  Note that some of this information comes from near death experiences, and while NDE's have much in common with each other and with actual death, actual death can be somewhat different.  Still, immensely interesting to anyone interested in the life after death topics.
Tr. Recommended:  See above for We Don't Die.
Tr. Recommended:  Dannion Brinkley's life view changed radically as the result of a dramatic near death experience from a lightning strike (is that symbolic or what?).  An excellent book from a very adept psychic who has had a glimpse of his other side first hand.

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Tr. Recommended:  This book contains over 100 individual accounts from the Other Side about what it is actually like to die and what it is like right after dying.  Written via the extraordinary deep trance psychic mediumship of April Crawford, this is one of the most true and complete books on this subject that has ever been published. It goes well beyond the "tunnel of light" stories into practical advice for the afterlife and for enhancing our physical lives.  For more information try

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"Parting Notes": A Connection With The Afterlife, available at Amazon Parting Notes: A Connection with the AfterLife , and now with autographed copies available directly from the author at  Tr.
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